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Dominum supports the establishment and sustenance of enterprise sales organization. We help create the organization structure; the foundational process and breakthrough strategies. We believe the sales organization can and should be deployed for ‘altering the balance of power in an industry’*.

Many companies face the challenge of creating and sustaining a world-class sales organization: a sales organization that can create a unique competitive advantage and power revenue growth.

Traditionally, most sales organization structures have evolved out of the thinking of sales leaders at different times: it is like a house that is ‘improved’ over time, with additions that are driven by the immediate market imperatives.

Because of the sensibilities of key sales leaders and sales persons, a holistic remaking of the sales organization is difficult to implement. In addition, the availability of documented knowledge of best practices that lead to effective sales organization is very limited.

Drawing on our experience and working with our global partners, we implement sales processes  and methodologies. We use an implementation approach that relies on continuous, but non-intrusive, support to drive adoption. We work with sales leaders to develop sales performance metrics that are aligned to corporate strategies and a review and coaching framework to drive adoption.

* Jim Holden

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