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It was only in the last decade that sales emerged as a professional management discipline. In a seminal piece, The Wall Street Journal (April 6, 2006) asked, “If sales are so important, why isn’t it taught?”  The Journal went on to report that a number of leading business schools, including those at Stanford, MIT and the University of North Carolina, have created MBA level sales courses. The Journal added that even those schools that have been teaching sales management for a long time, such as Kellogs at Northwestern, and Harvard Business School, have started paying attention to the selling process itself.

While a considerable body of knowledge and best practices around sales management and sales process are evolving globally, the situation in India is not exactly encouraging. Sales management as a professional discipline, is by and large absent in schools as well as in large Indian corporations. This is not to say that there is a total lack of professional sales skills. It is usually an organization-specific initiative or an individual's aptitude.

The challenge is two-fold: firstly, there is a significant shortage of trained sales professionals. Secondly, for those professional inclined to take up sales management as a career, there are not many options to learn, other than joining a sales team and hoping your manager can help you.

In association with Holden International, Dominum provides those aspiring to be sales professionals with a certification program, to bridge the ‘availability gap’.

The Holden Certified Sales Professional program equips the sales professional with advanced concepts of the enterprise selling process, and is based on Holden’s Power Base Selling principles.

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