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Holden International is a leading sales effectiveness consulting firm that equips sellers with the knowledge of how to bring unconventional thinking to the sales process in a way that provides unexpected customer value and at the same time, helps to identify and exploit unexpected competitor vulnerability.

Recognized as the pioneer of the sales methodology industry with the introduction of Power Base® Selling in 1979, Holden invented the category of 'Compete Sales Strategy'  and is uniquely able to provide insight into competitive deals with a coachable and sustainable approach that makes how you sell - rather than what you sell  - a non-traditional competitive advantage. Holden has continued to innovate, and today offers B2B organizations and sellers its new PowerBase® Compete Strategy model.

This model makes Compete Selling a management science that can be understood and replicated via an integrated platform of  'competitive must win deal' coaching, advanced Compete Sales training, sales manager coaching, and software and e-learning reinforcement. Holden's approach helps clients defeat competitors to 'take market share' in a way that not only improves customer loyalty but also drives higher revenue growth, increased profit margins (delete comma) and shorter sales cycles.


Over the last three decades, Holden has consulted on hundreds of thousands of competitive deals, and helped over 600 organizations of all sizes make Compete Selling a management science they can understand and replicate. This has resulted in improving their win rates by an average of 15% on large deals. A recent application of our Power Base® Compete Sales Platform at a Fortune 50 company resulted in incremental revenue of $2 billion, revenue growth of 23% in key accounts and a customer satisfaction score increase of 17%.


Deep Compete Sales Experience
As an associate of Holden, we don’t just teach theory--we take assignments from customers to help them land specific sales. Over the past three decades, Holden International has helped customers close hundreds of thousands of competitive sales deals. This continuing stream of real-world experiences helps us gain insight from the recurring patterns we see in action - allowing us to continuously improve our teachings and make our sales training even more effective.

Innovators and Thought Leaders
Holden International pioneered the sales methodology industry in 1979. Today, Power Base® Selling is still a best seller in its category on Amazon.com. Far from resting on their laurels, Holden has launched more than 10 new educational offerings in the last two years alone. They were first to market with sales software (the advanced efox), and first with Compete Account Strategy. This thought leadership enables us to customize our offerings in ways that ensure relevance, accelerate user adoption, and therefore drive business impact for you.

Proprietary Research and Data
Holden International recently concluded a landmark 12-year study of 28,000 enterprise sellers, charting their level of advancement along a 4-stage continuum of Compete Sales proficiency. From in-depth research endeavors like these, we gain unique insights into the selling approaches actually used in the field, and can judge their relative effectiveness. These findings help us formulate selling tools and best practices that are more than just opinion - they are empirically proven to work.

Ability to Drive Adoption
Even the most well-conceived sales methods cannot help your business unless they are adopted. Driving adoptio is an important element of Holden’s Compete Sales Strategy: it includes concrete steps to bring you innovative, easy-to-use tools that 'make the intangible tangible', providing powerful insights in a practical form that sellers can actually use.

Holden’s 10 Steps to Driving Impact provide a roadmap for sales managers to ensure adoption of Compete Methodology, not just at a superficial or temporary level, but as a professional way of life. Holden also supports the career-long success of its 600,000 graduates through the Holden International Alumni Network and its online headquarters, The Fox Den, which offers an extensive library of white papers, podcasts, videos, and real-time discussion groups to keep Holden alumni and followers up to date on the latest advancements in Power Base® Compete Strategy.

Unique Consultant Talent
Most sales training firms hire people whose core skill is public speaking, period. Holden International has recruited an all-star team of seasoned experts such as Harvard and Kellogg MBAs, GMs of $900 million businesses, Marine Spec Ops who have planned real-life battles, National Account Managers, and former sales VPs with over 20 years of success. We draw our talent from companies like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola, Accenture, Cisco, Intel, PTC, SAP and other recognized leaders. The result is talent with the insight to help you succeed as they have.

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