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For many small and medium organizations with an innovative product or service to be launched,  the cost of sales can be high. Then there is the issue of time to productivity or reaching the steady state revenue, at which point the cost of sales may just about reach a break-even level.

The challenge, however, is in competing with larger more entrenched players, whose cost of sales as a proportion of revenue, will be much lower.

Typical benchmarks for SG&A (Sales, General & Admin) costs range between 8 and 12% of revenue, for large (above $1 billion in sales revenue) corporations. In medium sized organizations, the SG&A could be between 18 and 20% of sales revenue. Even at these levels, medium and small organizations find it difficult to match the sales capability of their larger competitors.

One possible solution is to entrust the running of sales organization to a provider that can bring superior sales leadership capability and the process rigor that can match up to the larger competitor.

Other inherent disadvantages faced by a smaller sales organization like attrition, scalability are addressed by the outsourcing sales operations.

Dominum offers sales out-sourcing services, at different levels, and customized for specific organizational situations.

For organizations planning to enter the market, Dominum offers invaluable assistance with:

Market potential assessment and scaling strategies
Organization structure, roles and responsibilities
Compensation structure
Recruitment, staffing and induction
Implementation of sales process
Performance metrics and review framework
Deal Review and coaching
Management of operations to sustain the sales organization

For existing sales organizations, we help in implementing a break-through strategy that will position them to meet a key revenue or corporate goal: for example, hit $1 billion in three years, or become market leaders in five years.

We work collaboratively helping such organizations break down the goal and assess organizational readiness in terms of the six dimensions of sales alignment model:

Market Alignment: Where sales resources need to focus, in order to realize organizational goals and drive revenue growth.

Organizational Alignment:: How responsibility, accountability and authority are to be distributed within the sales organization so that the market is efffectively addressed.

Performance Metric Alignment: How organizational performance is measured to monitor progress; and what lead indicators should be used to manage sales.

Process Alignment: Foundational process and methodologies that will create a common vocabulary, internalize best practices and drive performance.

Support Alignment: Solutions and sales services that will support the sales organization. 

Skill Alignment: What proficiencies and maturity levels  are required for a powerful sales team that is capable of executing the process, following  methodologies, creating competitive advantage and driving revenue growth. 

Based on the assessment of organizational readiness, we help launch initiatives to address gaps.

On an ongoing basis we take responsibility for the initiatives and performance metrics.

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